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“Beauty with Brilliance” Jane Iredale

Introducing Jane Iredale Make-Up “Beauty with Brilliance”

In April we brought in the amazing Jane Iredale make-up line! Many of our clients have already experienced the effects of this magnificent make-up line, but if you haven’t yet please come by the spa and take a peek at our display! We proudly carry the entire line at Scents of Serenity and are happy to provide color matching for our clients! Take a look at our beautiful Manicurist, Kayla! Her before and after pictures enhance her natural beauty without looking over done.

One of the reasons we decided to bring in this fantastic line is because of Jane Iredale’s commitment to providing the utmost integrity to the skincare and beauty industry by providing a make-up line that feeds the skin and is actually benefiting it not clogging the pores. Through that commitment a product line was created that not only looks good and feels good but it is nourishing to the skin. It was equally important to Jane that her line enhance the natural beauty in a woman, rather than trying to make their face conform to the latest fashion trends. Women of all nationalities and ages can enjoy this beautiful line. Jane Iredale’s mineral powders offer foundation, powder and concealer and sunscreen all in one, making it multi-functional.

Why we love Jane Iredale so much:

-Talc free: Because pure mineral pigment is used with no fillers such as talc, Jane Iredale foundations and concealers give exceptional coverage that requires minimal touch-ups.

-Particle size: All minerals have been tested under laboratory conditions. Results show that there are no nano-size minerals in any products.

-Non-comedogenic: Jane Iredale’s foundations form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. Laboratory tests confirm that all of Jane Iredale’s products are non-comedogenic and do not block pores.

-Sun Protection: Seven Jane Iredale products have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. To earn this seal, a manufacturer must provide scientific data showing that its products sufficiently and safely aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.

-Adherence: Jane Iredale minerals bind together upon application so they resist running, creasing and smearing. They can be removed with a cleanser or their special micro-fiber cloth Magic Mitt, which requires only water for effective cleansing.

-Hypo-allergenic & Anti-irritant: Products are safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested to ensure avoidance of any ingredients that may be skin sensitizers. A conscious effort is made to include anti-irritant ingredients in all products because Jane Iredale believes that this can measurably contribute to skin health.

-Use natural preservative: Where preservatives are needed, Janie Iredale uses a combination of natural preservatives, always excluding parabens.

-NEVER tested on animals!

-Vegan and gluten free products available

-Members of the Green Spa Network




Jane Iredale Before and After

Eminence Organic Age Corrective Starter Kit

Eminence Organic Age Corrective Starter Kit

We all love the Eminence starter kits – they’re a great way to get into the line, especially if you need to revamp your whole skin regimen. Their newest (and most inclusive) kit is the Eminence Organic Age Corrective Starter Kit, an anti-aging line that uses an innovative Natural Retinol Alternative to reverse the signs of aging.

Like all Eminence products, the line uses natural, organic ingredients from nature (NOT chemicals) to revive tired skin, and reveal the youthful glow beneath. Some of the key ingredients include Phytocelltec Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells, bamboo, monoi, argan oil, and other organic components to boost collagen production, lift, and tighten. Studies have shown a 25% increase in collagen production in just 6 days, so you’ll get fast results, and a chance to indulge in the exotic aromas of monoi and coconut.
Unlike the other four (fabulous) starter sets, the Eminence Age Corrective Starter Kit includes five essential products:
The Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser, which washes away impurities and removes surface debris, leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean. Finely ground organic olive seeds naturally exfoliate the skin, allowing your products to penetrate deeper without using harmful plastic microbeads.
Next, the Bamboo Age Corrective Masque firms and tightens, as well as adding moisture and hydration. The masque also helps improve elasticity, which steadily declines with aging skin.
One of our favorite products, the Bamboo Firming Fluid, firms and deeply hydrates the skin. The best part is that it leaves your skin smooth and silky to achieve a fresh, dewy appearance before you even put on makeup.
Finally, the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer hydrates and tones, while also offering a layer of protection against free radical damage.
The kit also includes a Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. This serum pairs up perfectly with Eminence’s Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream for younger, brighter eyes.
Every year, more evidence surfaces of how harmful parabens, GMOs, petrochemicals, and synthetic dyes are for our skin. Eminence products offer lasting, effective skincare without all the bad stuff. We’ve all heard of the saying “you are what you eat”; what you put on your skin is just as important!


Organic Microdermabrasion

Organic Microdermabrasion

When we look at our faces in the mirror, we are seeing mostly dead skin cells. Of course this is normal, but what happens when those skin cells build up? These surface cells can cause all types of problems: flakiness, dryness, blemishes, clogged pores, and even hyperpigmentation. To avoid these problems, exfoliation is an integral part of any skincare routine. One way to deeply exfoliate the skin is with an organic microdermabraison.

Microdermabrasion is a skincare treatment that uses crystals to buff away the top layer of extra cells, revealing the smooth, rejuvenated skin beneath. By removing dull, lifeless cells, it helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, marks, age spots, acne scars, stretch, and hyperpigmentation. It also increases the effectiveness of your skincare products by allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin.

But yes, there’s a catch: most microdermabrasion services are done aluminum oxide crystals, a harsh irritant that can make your skin red and irritated.

So what makes ours different?

Our organic microdermabrasion system uses organic sodium bicarbonate to abrade the skin. The benefits of using all-natural crystals include fewer side effects, both during and after the treatment, as well as being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It’s also safe to use around the eye and lip areas, where you might need it most.

Microdermabrasion can be done as a standalone treatment, or included in one of our fabulous facials such as our Non-Surgical Facelift and Organic Microdermabrasion Facial. You’ll notice the different instantly – brighter, radiant skin, the natural way!

Ready to schedule a treatment? Come and experience the safest microdermabrasion in Richmond, Va!

Clear Skin Organically

Clear Skin Organically

At some point in our lives, we have all probably experienced acne, regardless of age. For some of us, it might just be the inopportune pimple, or the pre-wedding blemish. For others, acne can be a lifelong struggle that affects both health and self-esteem. With all of the anti-acne products on the market, it’s tough to find the right one for you. But did you know that some of these products can make acne even worse? Harsh chemicals can dehydrate and irritate the skin, which only increases oil production. That’s where the Probiotic Clear Skin line by Eminence is different. Using all-natural and organic ingredients, it gently reduces the signs of acne without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Like all Eminence products, is it formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan.

Instead, these products work with nature, not against it. The secret lies in the key ingredients:

Cucumber juice naturally revitalizes and tones the skin. It shrinks the appearance of skin pores, and purifies the skin.

Yogurt, which contains lactic acid, works as an exfoliator while also moisturizing and nourishing.

Tea tree essential oil, an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, cools and balances the skin, along with beta-carotene rich marigold.

Willow bark extract is a natural astringent, helping to minimize breakouts.

Shea butter, high in triglycerides and fatty acids, is an excellent emollient for skin.

Anise contains antibacterial properties to calm irritations and aid in the healing of skin.

Other ingredients include kaolin clay, stone crop, walnut leaf, horsetail, and calendula oil.

(Doesn’t it feel good to be able to pronounce all of those?)

With daily use, the Clear Skin solution is gentle and soothing, but also effective. 75% of users reported a reduction in acne lesions and scars in just 14 days, and 100% of users showed a reduction in the number of acne scars in only 28 days.

The line includes a cleanser, masque, booster serum, and moisturizer (available separately or in a convenient travel-sized starter kit). The products are gentle enough to use daily, and are recommended for all skin types, especially acne-prone and problem skin. At Scents of Serenity Organic Spa, we also offer a Clear Skin & Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, which incorporates the Clear Skin line as well as Blue LED Therapy to destroy P. acne (Propionibacterium acne) on skin.

The best part? Eminence products are environment-friendly, and cruelty free (that means no testing on animals).

Why Use Eminence Organic

Why Use Eminence Organic

Like many people you want to take care of your skin and look your best, but there are so many skincare choices, how do you decide what your skin needs, and where to go?


Scents of Serenity Organic Spa is Richmond Virginia’s only organic spa, and proudly features Eminence Organic Skin Care. Eminence is known world-wide for their amazing skincare line, being recognized by both spa professionals and their customers as being the #1 best skincare line available. Their natural alternatives to traditional skin products, and their eco-responsibility make them even more appealing.

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Beginner’s Guide to Microdermabrasion

Beginner’s Guide to Microdermabrasion

Your skin, especially your face, is your body’s first line of defense against environmental toxins and stresses, such as the suns’ rays and harsh wind. Because of these stresses, your face sustains the most damage on a daily basis. Over time that repeated damage can cause scarring, loss of elasticity, and lead to wrinkles.


Microdermabrasion is a great non-invasive treatment that is not only safer than cosmetic surgery, but much more economical. Many people nickname microdermabrasion the ‘lunchtime facial’ because they can have the service performed quickly and effortlessly.

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Sunscreen is a Must 12 Months Out of The Year

Sunscreen is a Must 12 Months Out of The Year

eminence sunscreenSunscreen, the ultimate summer survival item. When you plan a day trip to the beach, you make sure you have sunscreen for everyone. When you get ready for the little league baseball game or your daughter’s soccer game, you make sure there is plenty of sunscreen available for everyone. But, come October, the sunscreen gets put in the back of the bathroom cabinet, left to hibernate until spring break the next year! This would be a wise choice if the sun, in fact, went into hibernation as well. But even in the winter months, the sun is blazing in all its glory, and snow has the same reflective properties as pool and ocean water. We all know how beautiful Fall is in Richmond, VA and at Scents of Serenity Organic Spa we want your skin to stay beautiful too! Using sunscreen in the fall and winter you will keep you protected year round, so you don’t undo the work you put into protecting your skin during the summer! Read More