~Heather F.

I have been a dedicated Scents of Serenity client since I stumbled upon it just after arriving in Richmond three years ago. From the moment I was greeted by Melanie inside the doors of S of S, I was in awe of the unique spa experience that she created. S of S is a beautiful, welcoming habitat, cozy and comfortable, elegant and eclectic, an extra-sensory environment that I implore women and men alike to experience. Take a deep breath and let your Esthetician indulge you in their luxurious, organic Eminence products, like the organic pumpkin peel that Jana, my Master Esthetician recently treated me to. First of all, I feel confident and assured that Jana is an expert who has had years of experience working with plastic surgeons, but has chosen this mode which employs natural, non-invasive techniques that get great results, like the LED light treatment that I get regularly that works like a mini facelift. I have been working with Jana since day one. She has always given me the most effective treatments for my fair, sensitive (aging) skin. She can tell me each time exactly what my skin needs and I trust her judgment implicitly. Secondly, I know I am being treated with the finest organic products on earth and I can’t wait to feel their thick, moist, nourishment on my skin. Yay! I don’t even want to think about how I would look if I had never found Scents of Serenity. Thank you Melanie and Jana!