Massage Therapy

We are proud to offer our guests the best massages in Richmond, VA. Included during each of our massages is a heated massage table to make you feel as cozy and warm as possible. All lotions and oils used during your sessions are completely organic and free of all parabens, chemicals and other preservatives. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are diffused throughout your service and heated towels are used to sooth the back. Reserve your appointment today and be whisked away into pure bliss!

Relax and unwind with our traditional Swedish massage. Warm, organic massage gel is applied while muscles are massaged with long, fluid strokes for improved circulation and pain relief. Seasonal aromatherapy blends are diffused through the air to increase an overall sense of well-being and weighted, unscented eye pillows are used to soften tension and deepen your sensory experience. You are sure to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Member 60 min $96 | 90 min $144 | 120 min $192

Enhance your massage with soothing hot stones for the back (15 min) – $35

Slow, focused pressure is used throughout your massage to work deeper layers of the muscles. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, are an athlete training for a marathon or triathlon, or have experienced an injury that needs more focused attention, our therapeutic massages are customized to meet your specific needs. Various modalities such as trigger point therapy and NMT provide relief from chronic tension and pain and may be targeted to specific areas such as the upper body or may include a full body massage.

Member 60 min $112 | 90 min $168 | 120 min $224

Enhance your massage with a Pain Relief Sauna Session (30 min) – $35

This healing, deep tissue massage incorporates our certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, and is perfect for one who holds tension or pain in the body. The patented Deep Blue blend combines calming and inflammation reducing essential oils (blue tansy, camphor, peppermint, wintergreen, ylang ylang, blue chamomile, and helichrysum) to provide the ultimate in relief by easing achy joints and muscles instantaneously.

Member 60 min $132 | 90 min $188 | 120 min $244

Enhance your massage with a Soothing Bamboo Back Massage (15 min) – $35

CBD is a Cannabis-derived compound with anti-inflammatory properties that has been shown to have a positive effect on pain and anxiety. CBD does not contain THC and is non-intoxicating. Our CBD massage oil combines the perfect blend of skin conditioning oils, essential oils and 99.7% pure CBD isolate extracted from industrial hemp, working together to alleviate muscle pain and soreness, muscle spasms, joint pain, nerve pain, inflammation, and anxiety. This massage will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed. 

Member 60 min $132 | 90 min $180 | 120 min $228

Enhance your service with a CBD Bath (45 min) – $85

Cupping is an ancient healing art from Eastern tradition that alleviates pain and discomfort by drawing toxins to the surface which is eventually eliminated through the lymphatic system. This therapy also reduces inflammation and softens adhesions, scar tissue, and cellulite. Skin elasticity is improved, and joints move more freely. Cupping is helpful for cases of arthritis, asthma, tight muscles, trigger points, G.I. disorders, fatigue, poor circulation, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, cellulite, scar tissue, and so much more.

*Any redness or marks left on the skin post-treatment should fade within a week or two as toxins are eliminated from the tissue.

Member 60 min $112 | 90 min $168

Using the powerful energetic properties of heated bamboo, this deeply relaxing massage relieves tension in the body with its broad, soothing strokes – and allows for deep release, leaving you feeling balanced and grounded. This exclusive and incredibly healing massage incorporates VOYA Angelicus Serratus (seaweed) oil, considered the “Angel’s Kiss of the Ocean,” which deeply detoxifies, increases circulation, and supports skin rejuvenation and renewal. This incredible oil, along with our Balance aromatherapy blend, contributes to the ultimate mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Member $168

Enhance your massage with a CBD Scalp Massage (15 min) – $45

Different from aromatherapy and essential oils, flower essences are like collecting the mind or consciousness of the plant. We begin this service by presenting you with seven special flower cards to choose from. The flower essence blend used during your service will be selected based on the flower to which you are most attracted! The energetic imprint of the flower essence mist and massage oil used throughout your service travels through the acupuncture meridians (like an acupuncture treatment without the needles) to enhance your experience. This truly unique experience allows you to connect with your mind, body, and spirit!

Member 60 min $116 | 90 min $164 | 120 min $212

Enhance your service with a Flower Essence Bath (45 min) – $85


• Joy Juice: Laughter, joy, fun, free + easy going feeling

fitt• Infinite Love: Attract love, enhance charm + magnetism, take breaks of self-care

Vi• Radiant Energy: Vitality, presence, radiance + re-charge the body’s ftenergy after electronics/travel

• Inspired Action: Focus, motivation, creativity, thinking outside the box, ttget-it-done attitude

• Quiet Mind: Relaxed muscles, meditative mind, deep sleep

fi• Inner Peace: Calm, confidence + feeling like nothing can move you from your center

ff• Game Changer: Effortless, simplicity and light-hearted action, that

feeling you get when your to-do list is done and everything is so much easier than you thought!

Created with the sinus and headache sufferer in mind! Using soothing essential oils, combined with cold stone massage therapy, this treatment offers tension relief, and is designed to help reduce stress related headaches as well as sinus relief. Using trigger point therapy and essential oils, airways are opened, and facial and neck muscles are relaxed. It’s the perfect addition to any massage service.

Member $60

The Vagus Nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body—reaching from the brain to the belly. It helps regulate stress, rest and digestion. This unique massage experience was created to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and the calming effects of the Vagus Nerve. Steaming aromatic compresses, gentle neck and body massage strokes, cranial holds and a soothing essential oil blend invite an uplifting, meditative state of consciousness. The precious essence of juniper, chamomile, lavender and jojoba works to mitigate feelings of stress, while stimulating positivity and wellbeing in the mind and body.

Member $172

Enhance your massage with Relaxation Sauna Session (30 min) – $35

A magical gift for the senses! Warm, organic herb & seaweed compresses are gently massaged into the body, releasing precious seaweed oils and herbal compounds into the skin and underlying muscle tissue. The penetrating heat provides deep relaxation, while the healing properties of seaweed, ginger, clove, and orange soothe aches and pains. This full body treatment is the ultimate indulgence.

Member $168

Enhance your service with a Lazy Days Seaweed Bath (45 min) – $85

Your journey to serenity begins with the healing power of organic aromatherapy oils diffused in the air. Dry brushing is applied to the body for gentle exfoliation and lymph flow. Your massage is enhanced with a soothing blend of organic stonecrop lotion and apricot oil, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. Heated towels are slowly compressed on the body throughout the massage, penetrating deep into the muscles, to induce ultimate relaxation. Finally, volcanic hot stones are massaged into the back to melt all your tension away. Serenity Now!

Member 90 min $188 | 120 min $236

Soothing, heated, volcanic stones create the sensation of warmth and comfort as they are gently, but deeply, massaged into the body with our hydrating and nourishing Eminence Organic Apricot Oil. This incredibly relaxing massage will melt all your stress and tension away.

Member 90 min $168 | 120 min $224

Couples Massage

Most of our massage services may be enjoyed together in our couples massage room. A couple’s service is the perfect retreat for you and that special someone. Not just for the romantics however, this pampering experience is perfect for pairs of all kinds, mothers and daughters, sisters, or even best friends. Our beautifully decorated rooms will make you feel as though you have left Richmond and entered into a world of pure bliss.


  • Warm Organic Apricot Oil | $15 Member $12
  • Hand and Foot Hydration | $20 Member $16
  • CBD Oil | $45 Member $36
  • CBD Scalp Massage | 15 min $45 Member $36
  • Dry Brushing + Hydrating Oil | 15 min $45 Member $36
  • Luxurious Hand Treatment | 15 min $40 Member $32
  • Luxurious Foot Treatment | 15 min $40 Member $32
  • Luxurious Back Treatment | 15 min $40 Member $32
  • Soothing Bamboo Back Massage | 15 min $35 Member $28
  • Hot Stones | 15 min $35 Member $28
  • Cold Stone Headache Therapy $35 | Member $28
  • Wild Gigartina Hair Mask | 15 min $55 Member $44
  • Welcome Foot Ritual | 15 min $45 | Member $36
  • Foot Reflexology | 15 min $35 Member $28
  • Hand Reflexology | 15 min $35 Member $28

Our Serenity massage incorporates a light to medium pressure and long, fluid movements (often referred to as Swedish style) throughout the massage. Therapeutic massage incorporates a deeper pressure and muscle manipulation and often uses modalities such as trigger point and NMT (neuromuscular therapy) to release muscle tension and assist with pain relief from chronic pain.

We have a variety of massage services to choose from. To help you determine which massage may be best for you we recommend it is best to determine whether you are looking for a relaxing service or something more therapeutic to assist with deep muscular tension. Our more relaxing massages include: Serenity Massage, Healing Herbal Compress Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Vagus Nerve Massage, Bamboo Massage, Serenity Signature Massage, Flower Essence Massage and CBD Massage. Our more therapeutic services include: Deep Blue Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Cupping. If you would like to receive one our specialty services that do not include deep tissue massage, you may add that to the service upon request. If you are still unsure which service is best for you, a member of our team would be happy to help guide you. If you prefer to wait until the day of your appointment to talk to your massage therapist you may do so, however keep in mind some services require a minimum of 30 minutes to prepare prior to the start of the service and we may not be able to accommodate certain services last minute.

While there may be moments during a deep tissue massage that feel less like a relaxing massage, you should never feel like you are in pain during your service. Deeper work can be accomplished by slowly working into the muscle to release chronic tension. If you are experiencing discomfort, please let your massage therapist know so they can adjust their pressure to meet your specific needs and comfort level. 

If you are receiving a service that is not specifically a therapeutic/deep tissue massage, you may upgrade your service to include deep tissue. We encourage you to communicate with your massage therapist so that you receive the most out of your service and that your expectations are met. Please note, some of our massage therapists do not perform deep tissue massage, while others specialize in it. We encourage you to visit the “our team” section of our website prior to your appointment if you are considering adding deep tissue to your service to ensure you are paired with a therapist who performs deep tissue massage. 

You will receive the full time of your service or services if you are on time for your appointment. We highly recommend arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled service(s) to allow time for check in, restroom usage, intake forms, and a quiet moment to yourself.

Some guests prefer to leave their undergarments on and others choose to remove all clothing. We recommend getting undressed to your comfort level. You will remain fully draped during your service and only the part of the body your therapist is working on will be exposed.