Spa Packages

We offer a wide variety of spa packages, whether you are looking for a mini escape or a full day at the spa, we have several options for you to enjoy and experience our luxurious spa treatments.

We also offer monthly specials! Visit and like us on facebook to receive our updates on additional offers throughout the month. If you are interested in planning a spa party, we would love to assist you in your spa party needs. Our spa manager is here to help answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us at 804-277-4498 or

Seascape Journey - $419 (4 hours) (offered at Short Pump only)

This head to toe relaxation journey features our most luxurious seaweed services  and begins with a warm sauna session to ease achy muscles. Following your sauna session, your body is immersed into a warm bath of organic, hand harvested Atlantic seaweed. Aches and pains are alleviated as your body is then wrapped in the purest, most nutrient rich seaweed leaf wrap. Skin is left glowing and revitalized. We then guide you through a soothing bamboo massage to soothe and invigorate the body, bringing it back into balance and connecting you to the healing energy of the ocean.

Botanical Retreat - $319 (3 hours)

Indulge in our three hour botanical paradise and discover the healing power of plants. Your experience begins with our hydrating stone crop body wrap which includes a deep exfoliation, hydrating wrap and body contouring cream, followed by a 90 minute flower essence massage of your choice to help quiet the mind and uplift the spirit. Your service concludes with volcanic hot stones for the back leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated, and in full bloom!

Aromatic Harmony - $219 (2 hours)

Escape into aromatic bliss as you enjoy this two hour sensory experience that begins with your choice of certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils which are diffused in the air. Senses are indulged as your body is completely rejuvenated with a deeply exfoliating organic coconut sugar scrub. Essential oils are applied topically during your one hour massage to enhance the feeling of true wellness. Your massage concludes with soothing hot stones for the back, melting all your tension away.

Quiet Mind - $109 (1 hour)

Ease your mind with a relaxing full body massage combined with soothing hot stones and apricot oil for your back massage. This one hour treatment is sure to leave your mind at ease.