Organic Bath soaks

Our luxurious soaking room offers the most tranquil space to fully immerse yourself as you escape the stresses of life. We offer five unique bath soaks and are currently offering these services at our Short Pump and Midlothian locations. Whether you are enhancing your spa service or simply want to come in to soak your worries away, we have curated the perfect getaway for you to feel soothed and relaxed.

Organic bath soaks are available at our Short Pump and Midlothian location!

Submerge your body into a bath of organic, hand-harvested Atlantic seaweed to remove unwanted toxins and alleviate aches and pains. This bathing ritual is the purest of all organic treatments. Lazy Days utilizes the natural power of organic seaweed to deeply moisturize the skin, increase circulation and promote healing internally and externally.

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Soak away stress and unwind in a purifying sea bath with an organic blend of wild seaweed, gigartina, plumeria and lavender. This restorative bath is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, healing nutrients and essential fatty acids that support your skin’s natural regeneration processes and stimulates cell renewal. Infused with the soothing scent of lavender, this foaming and fizzing bath blend is a beautiful treat for the senses.

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Infused with organic seaweed extracts, our anti-oxidant and mineral-rich peat bath and its purifying elements are encapsulated in a warm spiced mud to offer a potent detoxification experience. Our Warm Spiced Mud Bath offers many amazing benefits to include, reducing the appearance of cellulite, soothing sore muscular aches, pain relief, stress and fatigue reduction all while energizing the mind and soul.

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Soak in botanical bliss with our flower essence bath! Flower essences nurture us on an energetic level, bringing us into balance-mind, body, and spirit. Begin your service by choosing one of our seven flower essence baths and then soak in a soothing blend of sea salt and flower elixirs with luxurious essential oils to magnify peace, love, and positive energy.

Joy Juice: Laughter, joy, fun, free + easy going feeling

Infinite Love: Attract love, enhance charm + magnetism, take breaks of self-care

Radiant Energy: Vitality, presence, radiance + re-charge the body’s energy after electronics/travel

Inspired Action: Focus, motivation, creativity, thinking out side the box, get-it-done attitude

Quiet Mind: Relaxed muscles, meditative mind, deep sleep

Inner Peace: Calm: confidence + feeling like nothing can move you from your center

Game Changer: Effortless, simplicity and light-hearted action, that feeling you get when your to-do list is done and everything is so much easier than you thought!

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Our CBD Bath is the ultimate restorative soak to calm the mind, soothe achy muscles and reduce inflammation in the body. Warm baths are the perfect way to receive the benefits of CBD without ingesting it. As pores open from the heat of the water, the compounds are easily absorbed through the skin allowing for quicker, more direct results. Each bath contains 60 mg of CBD.

Member $68

You most certainly can wear a bathing suit if you are more comfortable, however most guests completely undress for their bath. Our bathtub is in its own separate room and you will have complete privacy.   

All bath services can accommodate one person at a time.