Massage For Improved Mood

Massage for Improved Mood + Sleep

Massage is great for improving mood and sleep. Whether it’s the Monday blues, the changing of the seasons, or more long-term feelings of anxiety and depression, research indicates that massage therapy may assist in lifting spirits, improving moods, and resetting circadian rhythms, which all can lead to better sleep and more energy!

Why Sleep Matters

For many of us, sleep is the sweet balm that soothes and restores us after a long day of work and play. However, for those with which sleep is elusive or otherwise troubled, the issue is far more fraught. Sleep provides a vital function. It allows for growth and repair of the body. People who are chronically sleep-deprived have a reduced ability to perform cognitive tasks and often feel lethargic and moody. We all require sleep to function at our optimum level and it is imperative for a healthy body. Research shows that sleep deprivation may lead to significant health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes among other ailments.

We all crave the comfort of a restful night’s sleep and it’s restorative power. What if a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly massage was all that you needed to make the difference?

How Massage Can Help

No matter the approach or modality, the goal is improved health and wellness. Massage therapy boosts serotonin levels, of which people with depression often have low levels. Serotonin helps regulate and stabilize mood, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, so increasing it’s production in our bodies can make a significant impact on our daily lives and well being.

Which Massage Modality is Right for Me?

  • Swedish: long, fluid strokes increasing circulation and improving the sense of well being
  • Aromatherapy: applied topically and/or diffused in the air, this powerful addition to any massage modality can assist in deeper relaxation and mood enhancement
  • Soothing Bamboo: the broad soothing strokes of this deeply relaxing massage uses the powerful energetic properties of heated bamboo to relax and restore
  • Deep Tissue: the slow, focused pressure allows for the deeper layers of muscle tissue to be accessed
  • Medical: a focused massage intended for those who suffer from chronic pain from injury
  • Sports: for the athlete who requires an increase in flexibility, reduction of inflammation, improved circulation, muscle recovery, and reduction to the risk of injury
  • Thai Massage: a powerful ancient healing art that addresses the ten major energy lines in the body using compression, thumb walking and stretching all done fully dressed on a comfortable mat
  • Hot Stone: soothing, heated volcanic stones are gently, but deeply, massaged into the muscle tissue
  • Pre-natal: designed to nurture the expectant mother addressing tension and discomfort
  • Reflexology: an ancient healing therapy applied to hands and feet activating pressure points and encouraging energy flow to corresponding organs of the body

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