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Sunscreen is a Must 12 Months Out of The Year

eminence sunscreenSunscreen, the ultimate summer survival item. When you plan a day trip to the beach, you make sure you have sunscreen for everyone. When you get ready for the little league baseball game or your daughter’s soccer game, you make sure there is plenty of sunscreen available for everyone. But, come October, the sunscreen gets put in the back of the bathroom cabinet, left to hibernate until spring break the next year! This would be a wise choice if the sun, in fact, went into hibernation as well. But even in the winter months, the sun is blazing in all its glory, and snow has the same reflective properties as pool and ocean water. We all know how beautiful Fall is in Richmond, VA and at Scents of Serenity Organic Spa we want your skin to stay beautiful too! Using sunscreen in the fall and winter you will keep you protected year round, so you don’t undo the work you put into protecting your skin during the summer!

A common question is ‘how does SPF work?’

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining how a SPF will work for you. One of the factors is determining how long it takes your skin to burn. For example, if you typically begin to burn after 30 minutes, and you wear an SPF of 10, you would multiply 30 x 10 and receive 300 minutes of protection. Another factor to take into consideration is your activity level and whether or not you sweat more often. In these cases you would need to reapply several times. But beware, higher SPF does not mean higher protection.


So what SPF do you need?

Many people think that the higher the SPF the better the protection, which is just not true. SPF stands for sun protection factor, and is a general guideline for how long you can stay in the sun before burning. However, most sunscreens available only protected consumers from UVB rays, not UVA rays. Recent studies have shown that UVA rays are equally important and consumers have been given a false sense of security with most SPFs available on the market as they only protected from burning caused by UVB rays. Studies now show that a Broad Spectrum SPF protection is the best because it protects from both UVA and UVB rays.


Scents of Serenity recommends using a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or 32

This will provide good protection for more than enough time, with the understanding that if you are very active, sweating and moving, that you will most likely need to reapply more frequently. While sunscreen may claim to be waterproof, the waterproofing ingredients can be toxic and very dangerous. Avoid any sunscreens with oxybenzone, which is an endocrine disruptor, or retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, which actually can increase your risk of cancer. Too often, using sunscreen can be more dangerous than the actual sunburn!


For an organic option, Scents of Serenity Organic Spa features Eminence Organics, the world’ #1 organic skincare. Eminence Broad Spectrum SPFs protect against both UVA and UVB protection. For normal to dry skin we recommend Tropical Vanilla SPF 32. If your skin is on the oily side, the Persimmon & Cantaloupe SPF 32 is great. If you have hyperpigmentation concerns, we highly recommend the Bright Skin SPF 30 which will brighten your hyperpigmented skin while still providing the SPF you need! We also feature tinted moisturizers and mineral make up with SPF protection as well. You want to use a product that you trust, and that uses natural ingredients, and Eminence Organics uses amazing natural plant based ingredients, nourishing your skin while protecting it.


Need more help finding the best SPF Moisturizer for your skin?

Stop by for a free skincare consultation at Scents of Serenity, Richmond, VA’s only Organic Spa or call us at 804.277.4498.

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