Introducing Eminence Arctic Berry & Peptide Peel

Every wonder if you could target hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, sensitive and rosacea skin all in just a few easy steps without the harsh side effects of chemical peels? Now you can! Eminence Organic Skin Care has just launched their newest peel that does just that in 3 easy steps. This

Options for Massage Services

At Scents of Serenity Organic Spa in Glen Allen, VA, we offer a full range of sports massage services, customizing each massage to the specific athlete or sport. A Golfer’s Massage is great for golfers to increase flexibility, increasing their swing, and reducing pain often associated with improper mechanics. Many golf instructors and golf pros recommend regular massage to reduce inflammation due to over exercising.


What to Expect From a Sports Massage

Some people steer away from sports massage, worried that the massage will not be relaxing, opting for a traditional Swedish massage instead. Performed correctly, a sports massage is every bit as relaxing as a traditional massage. It is important to know what to expect during a massage though. First thing to happen is the massage therapist will want to know what sports and activities you participate in, as well as if you are experiencing any chronic pain or injuries. This will help the massage therapist customize the massage.


The massage will include muscle manipulation, zone specific passive stretching, as well as overall muscle group alignment. A great way to increase the benefits of the massage is to add essential oils, such as white fir, lavender, and helichrysium. Essential oils are very beneficial to muscles by reducing inflammation, increasing oxygen to the muscles, as well as aiding in muscle repair. Helichrysium has been found to repair damaged muscle tissue. Many Scents of Serenity’s clients who ran in the Monument Avenue Marathon and Half-Marathon in Richmond, Virginia, scheduled massages before and after the races, and felt less pain resulting from the events.


Your Body, Inflammation & Massage

Let’s take a moment to expand on inflammation to better understand how this fits into a massage therapy conversation. Inflammation, in small amounts, plays a vital role in fighting off injury and infection, but then needs to be reduced as part of the healing process. Massage therapy will aid in that process, helping the body to filter and flush toxins, increase oxygen and bring new cells to the muscles.


Strive for a Pain Free and Injury Free Year

Whether you are a triathlete or just a weekend warrior, making sports massage a regular part of your workout regimen will pay dividends, both physically and mentally. With running season getting into full swing here in Richmond, Virginia, massage therapy will be just the thing to get you running and keep you running pain free.


Call Scents of Serenity Organic Spa at (804)277-4498 to schedule your appointment and kick your exercise to the next level!


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